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Willmar Robusti

Willmar Robusti
  • Transformer
  • Equilibrist on a ladder
  • Illusionist
  • Cardsharp
  • Actor
  • Comic
  • Jester

Born in 1975, Willmar spent the first 25 years of his life doing anything that came along and was wondering what he was going to do when he grew up.
Not knowing where to start, he tried the business of the male model knocking on every door of the Milano salons and filling with his images the post boxes of half of the agencies in Italy.
Then one day he met a street artist and the following question was: why not start from there? And that is exactly what he did, a bit by chance a bit by yearning.
At first like a beggar in an historically inspired group, his eclecticism led him soon to invent new characters and approach juggling.
He has since searched in the circus art its expressive form, from balancing acts to clown, mime, never forgetting magic.
After a bit of self-teaching, he turned to several artists who taught him further the clown art and with whom he still works; he attended stages with Jean Mening, the circus school Flic, Pino Costalunga, Gianni Ferraro, Riganelli and his on-going partnership with Vittorio Savegnago… along with the on-going direct comparison with “on the street” audience.
With his characters (Prince of the Mad Men, Sasha S, Ciùllo) he participated in several medieval and contemporary festivals of cabaret and theatre. He has also been on television in a show with Federica Panicucci and other local channels… He has entertained at birthday parties and events at shopping center, city halls, schools and daycares and has also its own production, even though he prefers working as “The Jesters” in a duo. We have also performed in the last show “Trittico di Comicità” directed by Berny Bee, starring Mireno Scali (also known as Roberto Benigni).
He lives peacefully in his small town, surrounded by serene hills, but his restlessness pushes him often to look for new projects and meet new people for artistic inspiration… but only for that reason!!!

Vittorio Savegnago

Vittorio Savegnago
  • Tightrope walker
  • Juggler
  • Wader
  • Monocycle equilibrist
  • Entertainer
  • Mime
  • Clown

Born in 1966, from the ice age directly to modern times…
Everything started in the year 1992 A.D. when on the Vicenza newspaper he read about a European convention on juggling which was held in Verona. He was then 26 and a strong desire to learn new things. With a friend he went to the convention and was fascinated by those who were playing with weird objects; he bought a manual in English (his dad had always told him to learn English “that in life one never knows”…!) and 3 bouncing balls, while his friend purchased 3 juggling balls.
One evening with his friend sitting on a bench, he wanted to show his progress, but lost 1 ball in the nearby river. He asked his friend for one of his juggling balls and kept on juggling; adding from time to time new tools and discovering new skills, perfecting them with classes, seminars and lab work.
His last feat is loose rope walking: a way to get one’s feet off the floor and feel new flying emotions.
Among all the tools he uses, the loose rope is the most extraordinary. Not easy at first, it was even more difficult because when he went to the park to practice, the guard would kick him out since he would fasten ropes between two trees…
It is said that comedy is the other side of tragedy: indeed his teen-age years pessimism les him to invent his roles. The same pessimism that clashes with his artistic partner’s excessive optimism allows this couple to interpret always well balanced roles.
Since then he has collected many gratifications and has been working both in Italy and abroad.
In 2012 he has reached his 20 year anniversary of his circus prowess, 20 years that he plays with… balls!!!
He leads a serene life (pessimism granted) in his little town in the province of Vicenza where he gives free classes of the circus art to young adults.