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By Willmar Robusti. With Vittorio Savegnago and Leonardo Beccari.
Music by Nicola Zulpo.

Giullastri in the glass ball The new Giullastri's show.

On a newly snowed landscape, during a full moon night, magically a snowman becomes a child. That’s how his adventure in the world begins, searching for a true friend. After a few disappointments, he will meet the head of a train station with whom he develops a special feeling made of games and challenges, of complicity and rivalry.
But the spell soon stops and the child is forced to become a snowman again… will he be able to find the love that can warm up his heart?

What would a snow flake be if it could halt its fall and stay suspended in the air?
This is how “Snow” is an extract of life that develops in the time that a snow flake fluctuate towards earth.
The theme that the Jesters are focusing on is FRIENDSHIP, on a path towards goodness and optimism.

With their non-verbal language, skill and magic they face this theme by taking it to the magic and velvety atmosphere that only snow can create.
Strong participation of the audience.

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