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Games International Show

With Willmar Robusti and Vittorio Savegnago.

Il pallone gonfiato Just graduated from the Pippo Baudo school, one of the two “Jesters” debutes on the stage with his first main show.
Suddenly he is struck with a conscience attack and decides not to talk about it anymore. So, to avoid making him feel even “dumber”, the other “Jester” stops talking.
The time has come to put aside any words and focus on the circus magic.

Without ever talking but only miming variety artists with juggling balls, balancing acts and magic tricks develop brilliant sequences that involve the audience.

The fantastic show of Willmar and Vittorio will take the public in an entertaining musical trip, where stories and emotions are expressed with whistles and kazuu, noisy beats and magic tricks, balancing acts and glasses of wine.

The Games International Show forbids any verbal expression and invites the audience to participate with a performance filled with notes, that speaks through the antique circus art, which has always been cherished by adults and little ones.

Described by the audience as the “modern Stanley and Harvey”, they keep mixing up the two and at the same time redefining their own identity.
Their show has won in 2009 third place at the Festival del Teatro in the Cave di Rubbio, Vicenza and in 2011 mentioned for our funny representation at the Festival of Summer Theatre in Camisano Vicentino.

Suitable for audiences of all ages, the show is ideal for:

  • Theatrical shows
  • School celebrations
  • Festivals
  • Business convention

Duration: 80 minutes.

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